Anthony Hensley

Anthony Hensley

Former Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley was first elected to the Legislature in 1976 and served until 2021, the longest-serving member in state history. He was a member of Gov. Laura Kelly’s Council on Tax Reform.

The Kansas Department of Revenue reported the state took in $96 million or 11% more in state tax revenue in September than anticipated. State officials said a 40% surge in corporate income tax revenue was a sign of business optimism for the rest of 2022. (Tim Carpenter/Kansas Reflector)

Flat tax would have catastrophic consequences for Kansans. We’ve already seen it happen.

By: and - February 1, 2023

Even with the damage of Sam Brownback’s failed tax “experiment” visible in the rear-view mirror, the Kansas Chamber and others have begun pushing for a “flat” (one-rate) income tax, significantly benefiting wealthy individuals and large multinational corporations at the expense of working-class Kansans. Perhaps they think people have forgotten that the 2012 Brownback tax experiment […]