C.J. Janovy

C.J. Janovy

C.J. Janovy is a veteran journalist with deep roots in the Midwest. She was the Opinion Editor for the Kansas Reflector from launch unit l June 2021. Before joining the Reflector, she was an editor and reporter at Kansas City’s NPR affiliate, KCUR. Before that, she edited the city’s alt-weekly newspaper, The Pitch, where Janovy and her writers won numerous local, regional and national awards. Her book “No Place Like Home: Lessons in Activism from LGBT Kansas” was among the Kansas Notable Books of 2019.


An innocent food bank gets dragged into Kansas lawmakers’ latest tax-fighting debate

By: - January 28, 2021

When a food bank becomes the enemy, it might be a sign that your statewide property tax debate is not heading in the right direction. Right now, that debate looks epic over in the Kansas Legislature. It stars Sen. Caryn Tyson, a Republican from Parker, with strong support from the Koch wing of her party. […]


What if we listened to the people who’ve spent 15 years protesting the Kansas City NFL team’s name

By: - January 25, 2021

We’re not going to debate whether Kansas City’s NFL team should change its name. It should. What we’re going to do, as the team and its fans celebrate their second trip to the Super Bowl in as many years, is spend a couple of minutes listening to the people who’ve been peacefully protesting before games […]


Let’s hope 17 Kansas Senators never need a public defender

By: - January 22, 2021

Who believes in second chances — especially when a person has done nothing wrong? This is a rhetorical question, today, because this column will not have the kind of concrete answer that would hold up in a court of law. Instead, it’s based on the kind of phantom wisdom that passes for a valid argument […]


As an elder takes the oath in Washington, let’s listen to some young politicians in Kansas

By: - January 20, 2021

On Wednesday, barring any disruption by Timothy McVeigh wannabes, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the oldest person to take office as president of the United States. This is a fact, not a judgment; voters rationally understood that correcting course after the reign of a sociopathic toddler would require the calm force of experience. […]


Here are practical ways Kansans can support Black Lives Matter and help police, too

By: - January 18, 2021

If you are a Kansan celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday, there’s something you can do this year besides tweet a quote or reread “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” It does involve some reading. And the writing is less inspiring on the surface than anything King wrote. But it’s a set of practical suggestions […]


What the ‘culture of life’ looked like during the Kansas Legislature’s first week

By: - January 15, 2021

“We trust you to make your own health care decisions.” These were not the words of an urgent Planned Parenthood fundraising appeal or a phalanx of supportive boyfriends marching behind a contingent of women and chanting “her body, her choice” at the nearest lefty march. These were the words of Ty Masterson, the Republican from […]


Sending sympathy and best wishes as Kansas begins another round of democratic governance

By: - January 13, 2021

Who else tuned in to Facebook for Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly’s State of the State speech Tuesday night because our definition of entertainment has changed during the pandemic and democracy’s death watch? It turns out there are lots of new ways Kansans can entertain themselves. The Legislature is, after all, on YouTube. Instead of NPR […]


3 wishes from regular Kansans as lawmakers head back to work

By: - January 11, 2021

The second Monday in January always means one thing in Kansas: Back to work for 125 representatives, 40 senators and one governor, who’ll carry out the annual exercise of their constitutional duties — that is, fighting over abortion and taxes. But it’ll be just another Monday for most of the state’s 2.9 million people, most […]


On further review, Charles Koch’s ‘mea culpa’ isn’t all that apologetic

By: - January 6, 2021

I didn’t want to do it, dear reader, but I did it so you wouldn’t have to. I read Charles Koch’s new book. You might remember the flurry of media attention in November, coinciding with the release of Koch’s book “Believe in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World.” The Wall Street Journal described it […]


The new junior senator from Kansas is already serving his purpose

By: - January 4, 2021

Let’s go ahead and thank Roger Marshall. By announcing on Saturday that he would be among those objecting to Joe Biden’s victory when the Electoral College makes it official on Jan. 6, the state’s new junior senator spared us from wasting any time or mental energy hoping he wouldn’t be a doofus. We must hold […]


For a better 2021, follow this famous Kansas psychologist’s advice and apologize

By: - January 1, 2021

Everybody needs to apologize. We’re not talking, for now anyway, about the enormous public apologies some people with great power currently owe us. For now, we’re talking about the personal responsibility type of apology that would give us all a cleaner start to what any sane person hopes will be a better year. “If done […]


Two speeches by prominent Kansans sum up 2020 in under 3 minutes

By: - December 30, 2020

How does an opinion writer deliver the obligatory year-in-review piece when time stopped a third of the way through the year, then crept forward in a kind of suspended animation that warped the experience of time itself, marked mostly by grim statistical updates every week and an election that as far as some people are […]