D.C. Hiegert

D.C. Hiegert

D.C. Hiegert is an attorney and the Skadden Foundation LGBTQ+ Fellow at the ACLU of Kansas, where they work to protect and enforce LGBTQ+ Kansans' civil rights. D.C. is a lifelong Kansan, receiving their undergraduate degree from Newman University and their law degree from the University of Kansas.

Legislators have shown themselves all too willing to pass legislation targeting transgender Kansans, writes Erica Treto. With elections coming up, we can all make our voices heard on this important issue.

Anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric and laws harm your Kansas neighbors. We can build a more welcoming state.

By: - January 24, 2023

Even as data shows a majority of the country supports LGBTQ+ people and their rights, hostility and violence against the community is on the rise. The past two years have been the deadliest for transgender people in recent history, in large part due to the rapidly increasing number of legislative attacks against trans peoples’ rights […]