Duane Schrag

Duane Schrag

Duane Schrag worked at Kansas newspapers for nearly 30 years. He was a staff reporter at the Washington County News, Hutchinson News and Salina Journal, and editor/publisher of the Chanute Tribune. He lives in Abilene.

a gavel and handcuffs on cash

‘This is what it is going to cost you’: Chanute police seize vehicles with remarkable frequency

By: - April 2, 2023

CHANUTE — Mary Leonard wasn’t expecting to be pulled over by a Chanute Police Department officer in the early morning hours of Dec. 21, 2021. “It was my father’s car. My headlights weren’t turned on,” she said. “It was only the second time I had ever driven that car, and I thought they were automatic […]

Kansas law enforcement routinely produces error-filled reports on seized cash and property

By: - April 17, 2022

ABILENE — A push three years ago for more accountability from Kansas law enforcement agencies that seize cash, cars and contraband — often without filing criminal charges against the owner — has generated a wealth of new information. On examination, however, the numbers often don’t add up. A review of nearly 2,000 reports filed so […]

How a Kansas traffic stop led to a federal lawsuit over $1.2M in seized marijuana profits

By: - February 6, 2022

ABILENE — The dashboard camera video shows eastbound Interstate 70 traffic whizzing past Dickinson County sheriff’s deputy Kalen Robison’s patrol car, which is parked crosswise in the median about three miles west of Abilene. Robison suddenly pulls out into the left lane, accelerates rapidly and within a couple of miles pulls behind a white van, […]