Eli Gottlieb

Eli Gottlieb

Eli Gottlieb is a cultural psychologist and advisor to government and nonprofit organizations on leadership and strategy. He is a senior fellow at the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at George Washington University and a visiting professor at the Interdisciplinary Institute of Innovation (i3) at Télécom Paris. An expert in identity formation and leadership development, Eli has led numerous initiatives in the fields of public leadership, Jewish education, and practice-focused research, including the Mandel Leadership Institute in Jerusalem, which he directed for over a decade. He holds degrees in philosophy and psychology from Cambridge and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and has been a visiting professor at Stanford University, the University of Washington and Télécom Paris. For more information, and access to samples of his research and journalism, see Eli's website:

Joining up with someone who holds a different perspective influences your take on online posts.

People dig deeper to fact-check social media when paired with someone with different perspective

By: - November 11, 2023

People fact-checked social media posts more carefully and were more willing to revise their initial beliefs when they were paired with someone from a different cultural background than their own, according to a study my collaborators Michael Baker and Françoise Détienne and I recently published in Frontiers in Psychology. If you’re French, you’re less likely than an English person to believe a […]