Michael Okrent

Michael Okrent

Michael Okrent teaches and works in the fields of supply chain management, project management, continuous improvement and entrepreneurship since 1985. He received a doctor of science in management systems and an MBA, and it all started with a BS in industrial engineering from Northeastern University. He is a part-time adjunct instructor at Colorado State University - Global Campus with the Project Management Department.


Butter, garage doors and SUVs: Why shortages remain common 2½ years into the pandemic

By: - September 30, 2022

Shortages of basic goods still plague the U.S. economy — 2½ years after the pandemic’s onset turned global supply chains upside down. Want a new car? You may have to wait as long as six months, depending on the model you order. Looking for a spicy condiment? Supplies of Sriracha hot sauce have been running dangerously low. And […]