Ronald Desrosiers

Ronald Desrosiers

Ronald Desrosiers is a professor of pathology and vice-chair for research at the University of Miami. He previously was a tenured professor of microbiology at Harvard Medical School and served as director of Harvard’s Primate Research Center. He is the discoverer of the monkey virus called SIV (simian Immunodeficiency virus) that is the close monkey relative of the human AIDS virus, HIV (human immunodeficiency virus). His research has contributed importantly to the understanding of AIDS pathogenesis and to vaccine development efforts.


HIV/AIDS vaccine: Why don’t we have one after 37 years, when we have several for COVID-19 after a few months?

By: - May 29, 2021

Smallpox has been eradicated from the face of the Earth following a highly effective, worldwide vaccination campaign. Paralytic poliomyelitis is no longer a problem in the U.S. because of development and use of effective vaccines against the poliovirus. In current times, millions of lives have been saved because of rapid deployment of effective vaccines against […]