Whitni Carlson

Whitni Carlson

Whitni Carlson works as a freelance writer based in Wichita. She is curious about urbanism, ecology, hands-on education, and how art can influence neighborhoods. Her most recent projects include communication strategies and events with Glass House Collective, “Field Trip” a local lifestyle column for Nooga and teaching ESL courses for Chattanooga’s immigrant community. She has recently relocated to the Great Plains from Appalachia in 2019, and her biggest creative inspiration currently is her regular exploration of Kansas with her 2-year-old son, and arranging Americana songs with her multi-talented husband. Whitni earned her MA in Literature in Riverside, California, in 2010, then taught and ran the library for four years at the Rudolf Steiner Upper School in Manhattan. She is open to collaboration, and enjoys wilderness forays and exploring Wichita’s burgeoning cultural scene, both of which inspire her to make work with her hands as often as possible – knitting or making poems, songs, and media experiments under the moniker “swandiver.”


New art gallery invites visitors to hear, touch and ‘Envision Your Community’

By: - January 29, 2022

The Kansas Reflector welcomes opinion pieces from writers who share our goal of widening the conversation about how public policies affect the day-to-day lives of people throughout our state. Whitni Carlson is a freelance writer based in Wichita. The weather was harsh for last Saturday’s “Envision Your Community,” the first show in the new Envision […]