Kansas delegation beats drum for jobless aid, liability cloak, ‘sound’ tax...

Kansas congressional delegation anxious to push bills on unemployment benefit, business liability protection and tax reform for recording industry.

‘14,000 attempts’: Balky technology, expiring benefits worry workers, state leaders

Congress is continuing to squabble over whether to extend a federal supplement to unemployment insurance and, if they do, by how much. But as they...

Kansas officials endorse expenditure of $254 million in federal COVID-19 aid

The State Finance Council agreed to invest $254 million in federal COVID-19 aid in education, public health and economic development initiatives.

New Kansas privacy law crimps contact tracing for COVID-19

TOPEKA — The Shawnee County Health Department took the extraordinary step of issuing a public health advisory July 7 warning travelers COVID-19 cases had...

Gov. Laura Kelly sounds COVID-19 alarm — again — as number...

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly warned Kansans on Monday indifference about wearing masks and social distancing may lead to new restrictions to battle COVID-19.

Gov. Laura Kelly urges railroads in Kansas to maintain two-person crews

The Kansas Department of Transportation, with Gov. Laura Kelly's blessing, calls for maintaining two-person crews in railroad locomotive engines.

Kansas attorney general outlines COVID-19 scams for U.S. Senate panel

U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., chaired a Senate subcommittee hearing Tuesday on COVID-19 scams. Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt shared testimony.

Kansas enforces nation’s most draconian penalty for unemployment ‘fraud’

Kansas has the toughest unemployment law in the nation — a five-year penalty — for any type of "fraud," which includes inadvertently taking extra cash.

Gov. Laura Kelly shields core government services as COVID-19 rocks Kansas...

TOPEKA — Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly said the Kansas economy’s emergence from COVID-19 depends on sober responses to the public health nightmare, record unemployment...

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