Influx of Texas, Oklahoma residents seeking an abortion drives up Kansas...

TOPEKA — A surge in out-of-state residents seeking abortions in Kansas last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic moved incidence of the procedure to a...

Kelly vetoes ‘junk’ health insurance bill, calls for Medicaid expansion

Gov. Laura Kelly vetoes bill she labeled "junk" health insurance and affirmed her commitment to passage of Medicaid expansion in Kansas.

Kansas Democrats launch nonprofit to drive turnout for progressive candidates, issues

Former U.S. Senate candidate Barbara Bollier leading Kansas effort to expand interest of low-turnout voters in progressive issues, candidates.

Kelly looks at bright side of legislative session, and that’s no...

Gov. Kelly bullish on 2021 legislative session, especially protection of K-12 and highway budgets, despite failure on Medicaid expansion.

Kansas housing crisis squashing opportunity for lower-income homebuyers

Ongoing study of Kansas housing reveals market forces beneficial to wealthy homebuyers that squeeze out lower-income home seekers.

Kansas House, Senate prayers point to ‘precarious times for truth, justice,...

Members of the House and Senate in Kansas often begin work days with prayers layered with appeals for truth, civility and empathy.

Kansas Republicans throw haymakers at Democrat Kelly, prepare for 2022 cycle

Kansas Republican Party pounds Democrat Kelly at annual convention as potential GOP nominees prepare for showdown in 2022.

Kelly cautiously welcomes healthy revision of state revenue projections

Kansas analysts boosted projections for state tax revenue, which will be used as leverage to override the governor's veto of a tax-cut bill.

Issuing $500 million in new bonds for KPERS: Savvy investment or...

Kansas Senate moves ahead with bill allowing issuance of $500 million in bonds to benefit KPERS, while House ready with $1 billion bond plan.

A Kansas bill would expand a rural workforce recruitment tool, address...

TOPEKA — A bill before Kansas legislators Wednesday would extend and revamp a state program providing financial incentives to those moving to rural areas...

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