Energy policy observers examine Kansas securitization plan

Hosted By: Noah Taborda - April 19, 2021


A bill overwhelmingly passed by the Kansas Legislature and signed by Gov. Laura Kelly allows investor-owned utility companies to issue ratepayer-backed bonds to retire expensive power plants and transition to alternatives, such as wind or solar power. The bonds also enable utility companies to deal with price shocks on natural gas from February’s cold snap.

Paul Johnson, a public interest advocate who has followed energy policy at the Capitol for years, and Zach Pistora of the Kansas Sierra Club, dive into securitization — a subject that affects everyone’s wallet and Kansas energy and environmental policy — with senior reporter Tim Carpenter.

Read more about using bonds to help consumers with energy price shocks, transition from coal.


Zack Pistora

Kansas Sierra Club

Paul Johnson

public interest advocate with eye on energy at the capitol

Tim Carpenter

senior reporter, Kansas Reflector