Engaged Kansas coalition encourages local public service

Hosted By: Tim Carpenter - March 20, 2023


Brian Jordan, of the Kansas Association of School boards, joins Brenden Wirth and Joel Leftwich, both of the Kansas Farm Bureau, to talk about Engaged Kansas — a new effort to encourage civic-minded folks to enter public life through service on the 6,000 positions on city councils, county commissions and school boards.

The nonpartisan, nonpolicy coalition involved also includes the Kansas Association of Counties, League of Kansas Municipalities, Kansas Chamber and Kansas Leadership Center.

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Coalition of Kansas organizations strives to entice candidates for city, county, school board

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Tim Carpenter

Kansas Reflector senior reporter

Brian Jordan

Kansas Association of School Boards executive director

Brenden Wirth

Rock Hills school board member and Kansas Farm Bureau district and director of political affairs

Joel Leftwich

Kansas Farm Bureau chief strategy officer