Haley Kottler on latest attempt to restrict programs for Kansans in need

Hosted By: Clay Wirestone - March 14, 2022


On Thursday, when the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee held a hearing on Senate Bill 501, a measure that would restrict access to an array of public assistance programs, such as Medicaid and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. The bill’s main advocate wasn’t a Kansas legislator: It was the Florida-based Opportunity Solutions Project, the lobbying branch of Koch-linked Foundation for Government Accountability. And the cost of a bill meant to restrict access to lifesaving programs for families? Some $27 million for administration.

Opinion editor Clay Wirestone joins Kansas Appleseed’s anti-hunger campaign director, Haley Kottler, to talk about the bill, its potential effects and what went down during the hearing.

Read more about the bill and its impact on low-income families.


Clay Wirestone

opinion editor, Kansas Reflector

Haley Kottler

anti-hunger campaign director, Kansas Appleseed