Kansas advocates talk Build Back Better bill

Hosted By: Tim Carpenter - December 6, 2021


There’s a messy debate raging in Washington, D.C., around the Build Back Better bill, which is President Joe Biden’s economic growth package. It’s a profound investment in America’s future, Democrats argue. Republicans, on the other hand, generally view it as a budgetary albatross.

On this Kansas Reflector Podcast, David Jordan, president of the United Methodist Health Ministry Fund, Suzanne Wikle, senior policy analyst at the Center for Law and Social Policy, and Kelly Davydov, executive director of Child Care Aware of Kansas, share why they support this legislation.

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David Jordan

president, United Methodist Health Ministry Fund

Suzanne Wikle

senior policy analyst, Center for Law and Social Policy

Kelly Davydov

executive director, Child Care Aware of KansaS

Tim Carpenter

senior reporter, Kansas Reflector