Kansas civil rights advocates on capital punishment

Hosted By: Noah Taborda - December 7, 2020


Kansas law allows capital punishment, but no one has been put to death in the state since 1965. At El Dorado Correctional Facility, 10 men are currently on death row, set to die by lethal injection. The majority are white and all are convicted killers. 

On this Kansas Reflector podcast, Cheryl Pilate, a criminal defense lawyer, Beatrice Swoopes, a retired public policy lobbyist for Catholic causes, and Mark McCormick, director of strategic communications with the ACLU of Kansas, share strong feelings in opposition to capital punishment.

“The death penalty – it’s like the peak horror,” Pilate said. ” It is the reflection of pervasive racism throughout the justice system. And, the justice system is a reflection of society.”

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