Political scientists reflect on primary results, prospects for November

Hosted By: Tim Carpenter - August 17, 2020


Election analysts from Kansas universities say U.S. Senate candidate Barbara Bollier needs to clearly define herself or risk Kris Kobach’s fate.

  • “Can she develop a message to get that kind of Trump voter to also vote for her?” said Patrick Miller, a political science professor at University of Kansas. “What I’ll be interested in¬†seeing going forward is whether Barbara Bollier can really develop a message, if one can even exist, that gets those soft Republicans who are going to vote Trump.”
  • Bob Beatty, a Washburn University political science faculty member: “Kobach never really ran his own race. He did nothing to change the dynamic of the race, in terms of his own ads, and presenting himself in a way that might get some voters to stick with him.”
  • Michael Smith, who teaches political science at Emporia State University, said he was surprised by Marshall’s ability to carry voter-rich Johnson County: “He has some name recognition in Wichita, none in Johnson County going in, and then you have the COVID limitations. So I was really impressed that Marshall was able to win Johnson County.


Patrick Miller

Political science professor at University of Kansas

Bob Beatty

Political science professor at Washburn University

Michael Smith

Political science professor at Emporia State University

Tim Carpenter

Host, Kansas Reflector podcast