Rep. Jo Ella Hoye on gun control laws in Kansas

Hosted By: Tim Carpenter - March 7, 2022


There’s a push in the Kansas Legislature to require state courts and law enforcement agencies to temporarily take custody of firearms from people convicted of domestic battery. A bill in the Senate would close a loophole in a 2018 law banning convicted domestic abusers from buying firearms in Kansas, which mirrors federal standards, but that law didn’t contain provisions for relinquishment of guns from people found to have engaged in domestic violence.

Sitting with Tim Carpenter on this Reflector Podcast is Rep. Jo Ella Hoye, D-Lenexa, who endorsed the pending Senate bill and has argued for comparable reforms in the past.

Read more about a proposal to compel domestic abusers to relinquish firearms.


Jo Ella Hoye

state representative, Kansas

Tim Carpenter

senior reporter, Kansas Reflector