Sarah Gonzales-McLinn on killing Sasko and her request for clemency

Hosted By: Sherman Smith - January 30, 2023


The jury that convicted Sarah Gonzales-McLinn of first-degree murder in 2015 didn’t know about the months of abuse that preceded her grisly crime.

She received a Hard 50 sentence, but later accepted a plea deal to reduce her incarceration to a minimum of 25 years in exchange for giving up the right to appeal.

Now, her advocates hope to get her out of prison by convincing the governor to grant her clemency — a longshot attempt to correct what they view as injustice.

In her first interview with a reporter, Gonzales-McLinn called Kansas Reflector editor in chief Sherman Smith from prison to talk about her experience with Hal Sasko, the man who held her bondage and raped her a hundred times in 10 months.

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She killed her rapist after months of abuse. Advocates say Kansas governor should set her free.

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Sherman Smith

Kansas Reflector editor in chief

Sarah Gonzales-McLinn

Inmate at the Topeka Correctional Facility