Veto session: Business relief, taxes and medical marijuana

Hosted By: Noah Taborda - May 10, 2021


After four months of the legislative session, the Kansas Legislature reached bedrock and key areas of public policy. The evidence emerges in the most simplistic forms in the snappy yes or no votes of bills and amendment resolutions, and also in poignant and sometimes lengthy speeches on the House and Senate floors.

Senior reporter Tim Carpenter is joined by opinion editor C.J. Janovy, editor in chief Sherman Smith, and reporter Noah Taborda on the Kansas Reflector podcast to sort through gems of oratory, touching on the GOP power to override vetoes by the governor, the revisionist history applied to COVID-19, the related financial intervention by the government during the pandemic, and consideration of a medical marijuana law.

Read more about the final days of the legislative session.


Tim Carpenter

senior reporter, Kansas Reflector

Sherman Smith

editor in chief, Kansas Reflector

C.J. Janovy

opinion editor, Kansas Reflector

Noah Taborda

reporter, Kansas Reflector