What Kansans can learn from challenged books in their local libraries

Hosted By: Clay Wirestone - December 12, 2022


Libraries hold a conflicted place our collective imagination. To many of us, they’re magical. We were first exposed to worlds of imagination and ideas on the shelves of our local libraries. To others, these buildings serve as indispensable community gathering spots, places to learn and meet and share. But to a small and vocal group, school and town libraries threaten social order.

This week, Kansas Reflector opinion columnists read books challenged by parents and residents and give their thoughts. In this podcast, opinion editor Clay Wirestone speaks with Lori Brack, Iridescent Riffel and Mark McCormick about their responses.

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Libraries serve communities, not aggrieved parents. Kansans can learn from challenged books.

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Clay Wirestone

Kansas Reflector opinion editor

Lori Brack

Kansas Reflector opinion columnist

Iridescent Riffel

Kansas Reflector opinion columnist

Mark McCormick

Kansas Reflector opinion columnist